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Finding the right financial advantages begins here


Clarksville, Indiana is a business-friendly community overseen by local leaders who understand the importance of strong businesses to local economic health. That’s why they work so hard to help companies succeed in many different ways, whether that’s simplifying the process for obtaining permits or providing information about and assistance with incentive programs.

To encourage business development, Clarksville’s leaders have also created a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district encompassing most of the town. This allows property tax revenues from businesses to fund infrastructure improvements those businesses need to succeed.

In addition, Indiana is one of the nation’s most business-friendly states, with a flat corporate tax rate of 4.9 percent on adjusted gross income and no gross receipts tax or inventory tax. State agencies offer a broad range of tax incentives for companies, corporate tax credits for business investment, and other economic development resources and supports to encourage the creation of new jobs and facilities. Our Clarksville team will be happy to discuss your company’s specific needs and identify (and help you tap into) the programs available to you.

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