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A brighter economic future begins in our community’s neighborhoods

Residential Development

Clarksville is at the heart of the Indiana side of the Louisville metro, and our community’s safe streets, walkable neighborhoods, and proximity to downtown Louisville makes us an attractive choice for people who want to work, live and play close to home.

Lifestyle-oriented residential projects such as the Bolt + Tie and Current812 developments are generating excitement and drawing the interest of other developers who see Clarksville’s riverfront and adjacent areas as prime sites for innovative planned urban developments including housing, retail, office and entertainment space, as well as high-end multi-unit residential projects. There are also sites well-suited for single-family homes and other types of developments. Local leaders are willing to offer incentives such as tax abatements and TIF financing for projects that can provide a boost to Clarksville’s already vibrant economy.

Our area’s K-12 and postsecondary schools deliver the skills and attitudes students need to support and encourage future-focused developers and other businesses, including interactive media, construction, electrical, HVAC, networking, business administration and accounting.